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For seasoned players, CSGO Prime Accounts are no stranger. But for new gamers, Prime Accounts are a little bit of a mystery. The first question is, how are these CSGO accounts different from other CSGO accounts?

In brief, a Prime Account is one that has a phone number attached to it. Players can only attach one account to their phone number. This allows CSGO to control the game and duplicate players. Prime Accounts are a great way for players to advance in the game. If you already have one prime account associated with your number, My Gaming Accounts offers a wonderful alternative with their Prime Accounts in various different ranks, so you can choose what you want. At My Gaming Accounts, you will find Gold Nova, Legendary Eagle, Master Guardian, Silver, Silver Elite Master, and even Fresh Prime Accounts.

Prime Accounts enable you to play the best CSGO game of your life. You are equipped with all the tools you need to play and win a fantastic game of CSGO. CSGO is not for those of the faint-hearted, because it is a fast-paced game filled with lots of action and adventure. You also need to strategize well if you want to win the game and help your team win the game as well. The CSGO accounts you purchase from us are secure and come with no temporary bans or cool down. So it is almost like starting a new game when you play with the accounts purchased from My Gaming Accounts.
If you are worried about security, we have you covered. Worried about payment? Our secure payment gateway will make sure your information doesn’t go into the wrong hands. Activation is almost instant and all you have to do is wait for an email from us once you have made the purchase and paid for your account.