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Prime Accounts are relatively new and somewhat a mystery for the new gamers. The most common question is, what are CSGO prime accounts, and what are their benefits? 

Prime Accounts give players a head start. These accounts eliminate the need for you to spend hours earning the rank to get those weapons and skins. This is because you can purchase a prime account with the rank of your choice. Besides, as you purchase the account, you can skip all the hacking that you might encounter when you start playing the game. Prime accounts keep you safe from the cheaters and hackers, who otherwise steal the joy of gaming. 

Another advantage of prime accounts is Trust Factor. Trust Factor is a system that pairs you with other players who are similar to you. As a result, you enjoy better matchmaking. You team up with better teammates. So, if you're a positive player, who plays every match seriously without being toxic, you are paired with players who have a similar mindset. Consequently, you elevate your level and end up achieving a greater high-level gaming experience. 

CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale

If you are looking to buy CSGO prime accounts, you've arrived at the right place. We offer a guaranteed quality gaming experience as soon as you purchase an account from us. We help you get a prime account for yourself and take your gaming life to the next level. Our CSGO accounts are available at affordable prices. They not only protect you from hackers and fraud players but also assist you with better matchmaking. 

Prime Accounts equip you with all the tools you require to play and win a fantastic game. The most pleasing thing about the account is that you already have all the chests, weapons, skins, coins, and more. What's more, your account only gets matched with other prime account players leading to a better gaming experience. 

Prime Accounts are different from other accounts because players need to link the account with their phone number. And they can only link one account with one phone number. This way, CSGO can control the game and avoid duplicate players. The concept of Prime Accounts discourages players from having multiple accounts, throwaway accounts, or using alternative accounts when their primary account is in cool down. 

Many players start all over again when they lose their progress due to some internal or external issues. However, with the purchase of a cheap CSGO prime account, you can get most of your things back for just a few bucks. Such an investment is definitely worth the money instead of spending hours of your time and energy to achieve the ranks, skins, weapons, coins, and more again. 

So, if you haven't upgraded to a Prime account yet, think no more and do it now. Are you worried about payment? With our secure payment gateway, we ensure that your information is well protected. We strive to make your gaming experience top-notch. And that is why we offer a range of accounts for purchase on our platform.