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Everyone is fond of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Be it a local, regional, or international player, the classic gameplay has been addictive for many. The popular game is recognized as a benchmark
for any game player. It has made us veteran first-person shooters, and its dedicated community is growing every day.
To meet the demands of these admirers of CSGO, there are many types of CSGO accounts. These smurf accounts help players create additional accounts to match players' ranks and boost friends. 

So, if you want to buy a CSGO account, we can help you. The different types of CSGO accounts we sell at affordable prices are listed and explained in brief below:


Prime Accounts: A Prime Account adds an additional layer of legitimacy and protection. It prevents you against cheaters and accounts that have received a VAC ban. Moreover, Prime Matchmaking is something highly beneficial. It matches you with players who are serious about the game and have the right skill and expertise to match your mindset. 


Non-Prime Accounts: These accounts focus on the wins. There are different ranks for you to choose from. You can also choose a lower-ranked account. These are far more affordable than prime accounts and the perfect choice for gamers who are on a low budget. Gamers who want to play at higher ranks, this account will be the best decision for you.


5-10 Year Coin Accounts: These accounts are unique in the gaming world. They are awarded to players who have played the game for 5 to 10 years or have had the game in their library for that period. You need to play CSGO at least once to be able to obtain this type of account. This account is very prestigious and will give you an unmatched gaming experience in the game.


High-tier accounts: These are some of the best CSGO accounts that you can purchase from us. The High-tier accounts have a specific (higher) number of wins and hours played. They also have a combination of coins and rewards


Loyalty badge accounts: A Loyalty Badge commemorates loyal membership in the CSGO community.


GTA 5: We also offer Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Steam accounts to improve your gaming experience. These accounts do not use any third-party software, and we provide instant delivery.


Player Unknown's Battlegrounds: To improve your gaming experience on PUBG even further, we have accounts that let you reach higher missions and achieve more rewards.


Account Bundles: You can make your game more satisfying with account bundles that offer a combination of different types of accounts. 

Many players across the globe want to get their hands on these accounts. Seasoned gamers have purchased these accounts from us and are happy to receive our offering. They have access to higher ranks and can easily defeat others.


When you purchase an account, the username and password details are instantly sent to your email. We are 100% legal and trusted and use a secure payment gateway to ensure that your confidential information is safe with us.