Non Prime Accounts

CSGO Ranked Accounts

CSGO Non-Prime accounts are steam accounts that let you enjoy CSGO, a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. These accounts serve as a lifeline when it comes to attending major wins. 

Non-Prime accounts are useful when you get a cool-down in your main account. While Prime Accounts give you better matchmaking, Non-Prime accounts let you save.
Non-Prime CSGO accounts are for the players on a budget. So, if you are in search of non-prime accounts for your favorite game, you are in the right place.

CSGO Non-Prime Accounts for Sale

No matter what you want, we offer non-prime accounts of different kinds. We have it all! As you explore the wide range on our website, there are chances that you’ll feel confused about which account is right for you. We suggest you look for accounts that pertain to your level and area of expertise in the game.

If you have moderate expertise, you can buy Silver-4 and Silver Elite accounts. Silver Elite account players can also buy CSGO smurf account to practice. The next ranked - Gold Nova Accounts are for those who possess more skills than the Silver Elite. For the extremely skilled, we have Master Guardian accounts. Every category also has master accounts with higher ranks in expertise and skill.

All Non-Prime accounts are verified and come without any cool-downs or temporary bans. You can start using them as soon as you complete the purchase. Furthermore, we take pride in ourselves in the wide variety we offer for non-prime accounts and know that on our website, every gamer will find a suitable one for them.

Our non-prime accounts are available at affordable prices. We understand that a lot of gamers are interested in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and we don't want them to lose interest because of hackers or the inability to obtain weapons and skins at the early stages.

Non-Prime accounts allow you to play at higher ranks and defeat other players. We guarantee that the purchase of this account will be the next best decision as a gamer. We are legit and trustworthy to sell and provide all accounts for CSGO.

So, if you are a real admirer of CSGO, then you need this account. CSGO Non-Prime accounts provide you with maximum wins. They are a great decision for almost all CSGO players. You can stream different ranks from Silver to the Global Elite as per your requirement. You can also get a lower ranked account. The choice is entirely yours.

We offer instant delivery, which means you can start playing immediately after your purchase. Professional players have purchased their accounts from our platform and vouch for our authenticity. We guarantee the security of not only your gaming accounts but also your payment information. We are SSL certified and ensure that your information only goes into the right hands.

You can also try our Prime Accounts to achieve the rank you want and obtain all the weapons, coins, skins, and much more. Prime Accounts give you better matchmaking with other teammates. However, Non-Prime accounts are the best bet if you are low on budgets.