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Gaming is more than a source of entertainment, for passionate gamers it a way to feel the thrill of life. At My Gaming Account, we have given this passion a hint of perfection and fun with our smurfing services. We are counted as one of the popular and oldest CSGO smurf accounts sites in the gaming world. You can buy online fresh and cheap CSGO Smurf accounts and CSGO Ranked accounts with us.

What is CSGO Smurfing?

For all those, who are just scratching their heads, thinking what smurfing is, we are here help you understand it the simplest and unique way. In various multiple online gaming, the term “Smurf” is referred to an experienced player, who creates a new CSGO smurf accounts for the purpose of getting matched against inexperienced players and grab easy wins. In other words, in competitive video games smurfers finds help low-level players to improve their rankings by playing for them. And, we are a one-stop destination for those, looking for smurfers and buy online Fresh CSGO smurf ranked accounts.

On a general note, the foremost purpose of smurfing is to improve oneself without compromising the statistics of a main CSGO ranked accounts. It enables gamers to try new strategies, or simply play without worrying about a “record”.

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My Gaming Account is not just website, it is more like a treasure for those, who are searching for smurfers and to get their hands on opportunities to buy cheap and Fresh CSGO Smurf ranked accounts. The 3 interesting facts that help us have an edge on others are:

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