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Why Buy CSGO Accounts From Mygamingaccounts!

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We take our security very seriously. We ensure that the accounts that we sell to our customers are clean and 100% Vac / Overwatch Free.

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24 x 7 Live Support

Our live chat support is 24 X 7 available so you don't need to worry about any problems with the accounts.

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Cheap & Legit

We offer a wide range of cs2 accounts choices for players to choose from. We have each and every account from Silver 1 to Global Elite and we provide 100% legit accounts at affordable prices.

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Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery is one of the other features gamers enjoy when they purchase their csgo account all the accounts are delivered instantly after the payment to their email.

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"DC" gave me a replacement with a new account as I asked, very quick support and I'm very proud of it :D
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buy csgo accounts and instant delivery Definitely recommend thanks to Emma and Yogesh for very quick support!

Cameron G Skuball


lolbashy “lolbashy”

Bought an account, instantly sent. Great sellers. A++ DC helped me when I had some questions. Awesome service!

Facing some trouble while purchasing the product?

Here are some common solutions for your queries.

How Do I Buy An Account?

Its very simple, first make your mind for which category of csgo accounts are you looking for (non-prime, prime or high tier ).
Then go to the particular page and choose the account you are looking for.
Add that account to your cart and go to the checkout page to proceed with payment.

How Do I Change My Smurf Account's Contact Email Address On Steam?

1) Login into your steam account and email address.
2) Go to the account details section on your steam.
3) Click on the change email address.
4) You will receive a One time code on your email, locate that and fill into the box you get on steam.
5) Click on next and add the second email you want to be shifted on.
6)Open the second email and you will receive One-time code there as well, locate it and fill into the box you get on steam.
7) By clicking on next your email address will be changed.

What Steps Can I Take To Secure The Account(s)?

Only you are responsible to secure your account from letting someone hack into it. The following are the steps that you must take to make sure your account is safe.
1) Change the account password and email linked to the account immediately after purchasing the account.
2) Add a mobile number to your account and enable the steam mobile authenticator.
3) Never share your steam account details with anyone.
4) Avoid login in with your steam account on fishy websites and your account can easily be hacked by a scammer.


About Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Have you heard about the addictive game - Counter-Strike Global Offensive? Have you tried playing it? If yes, you would know that the game is thrilling, exciting, fun, and bold. Popularly known by its short name CSGO, Valve developed the game. It is a multiplayer game with different game modes and levels that you need to complete. 
The game places two teams against each other. These are known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Each side needs to deploy strategies to eliminate their enemy along with completing separate missions. The Terrorists must either protect the hostages or place a bomb. The Counter-Terrorists, on the other hand, must defuse the bomb, stop the planting of the bomb, or protect the hostages. 
The game has a total of nine modes, and each mode has distinct characteristics. The game also provides matchmaking support where players can dedicatedly play on Valve servers. Community players can also host their servers with custom game modes and maps. 
As you start playing the game, you realize that you need to play the different modes and levels to rank up. And as you spend hundreds of hours competing in CSGO, preparing strategies with your teams, trying to defeat the opposition, you would know that it is not easy to climb the ladder. Even if you are a seasoned FPS, there's a lot that you need to learn and consider. 
When you start chasing the competitive grind, you'll realize that there's much more than you thought. You need some tips and tricks to help you move on your way to the next skill group. And the different rank names that you'll often come across include- Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Supreme Master First Class, The Global Elite, and more.
To reach your first competitive rank - Private Rank 2, you will need to earn a lot of EXP (experience) from casual matches. After you reach this milestone, you will acquire access to Competitive or Ranked matchmaking. 
Now, you're all set to compete, and before you get your next rank, you need to win ten games. The game developers have set a restriction on the number of wins you can have daily, and that is two. Many players find this annoying since they have to wait for days till they reach the next rank, but the restriction is lifted after you get your rank. 
Your rank doesn't indicate how bad or good you are at the game, but it surely displays your overall expertise. The ranking system is not a determinant of skill but an indicator of expertise. If you arrive at Silver after playing your placement games, it doesn't mean that you are bad at the game. It just means that you need some more time to gain knowledge about the game and understand its details. 
Many players try to complete the different modes and levels to rank up. However, if you're tired of trying to do so, you can purchase CSGO accounts that let you rank up and enjoy the benefits of the different skins, weapons, chests, coins, and more.

About Trust Factor in CSGO

CSGO is a team game, and Trust Factor is a system to pair players with other similar players. So, if you are a motivated player who avoids being toxic and plays matches seriously, the Trust Factor system will pair you with others who have a similar mindset. The valve is consistently working on improving the system to make the right matches and give you the right team members for your game. 
Most seasoned players would have heard about the Trust Factor, yet many are unsure of what it is exactly. Valve chooses not to disclose the list of factors that contribute to the ranking for Trust Factor. 
The individual rating factor in your experience in CSGO account along with your experience on Steam. So, if you are new to CSGO but have been an avid member of the Steam community, your Trust Factor rating will be high. Similarly, if both your Steam account and CSGO account are new, your Trust Factor score will be the lowest it can possibly be. A lot of players don't like this system of evaluation, but for Valve, this is the best way to avoid hackers and smurfs. 
Valve prefers to not exactly disclose what players can do to improve their Trust Factor apart from a simple statement that mentions - "Be a positive member of the CSGO and Steam Community". 
We cannot tell you how you can improve your Trust Factor rating, but we can surely tell you what you must do to avoid making your score worse. Your teammates must never report you for toxic behavior, smurfing, or hacking. If you avoid these three important things, with time, your Trust Factor rating should improve. 
The objective of the Trust Factor is to let the community bond back together in matchmaking since the system of Prime matchmaking did not let Prime and Non-Prime members play with each other. 

What are Prime Accounts?

Prime Accounts save you valuable time and energy. You can purchase a CSGO Prime Account for the rank you like, and this way, you already have all the chests, coins, weapons, skins, and much more. Prime Accounts allow you to start with a high rank without any effort.
Furthermore, Prime Accounts allow for better matchmaking. Since you will have a good rank and progress, you will enjoy the benefits of good matchmaking. Your teammates will be better, and you will not have to go through games with noob players. 
But that's not all. The game is not just about winning. It is also about honing your skills as a first-person shooter and enjoying the formulation and execution of various strategies. With a Prime Account, you have the perfect enemy opposition. An equally skilled opponent makes the game more exciting, thrilling, and fun.
Prime Accounts set you free from all the cheaters and hackers you would have otherwise met in the initial stages. After purchasing a prime account, you only play with players who are ready to play and defeat others in the long run seriously. 
CSGO is not for the faint-hearted since it involves a lot of action and adventure. A prime account matches you with players who are of the same skill level and interest. So, you're in a way playing with all the bold and adventurous who are ready to take on matches and shine as winners. 
Prime Accounts also let you start with some cash that you can use to purchase more stuff. Even with cheap CSGO prime accounts, there are no temporary bans or cool-downs. 
Prime Accounts are cheap. You only need to invest a small amount of money, and the return is worth all the time, effort, and hassles you avoid. 

What are the Non-Prime Accounts?

Some players don't want to spend money on games. If you're such a player, non-prime CSGO accounts are the right choice for you. These accounts act as a lifeline when it comes to attending major wins.
Non-Prime CSGO accounts have a private rank below 21. The most enticing feature of the non-prime account is that it provides 10 to 30 wins. Another attractive advantage is the savings that it brings with it. Yes, non-prime accounts are relatively cheaper as compared to prime accounts. As a result, the purchase of a non-prime CSGO account tends to be a fantastic decision for new players who want to practice various strategies and hone their skills. 
We provide you with access to your non-prime account instantly, and you can start playing right after the purchase. You will also notice an improvement in your gaming experience. The ranking will start from Silver to the Global Elite accounts.
If you wish, you can also purchase a lower ranked account. The choice is entirely yours. You can choose an account based on your expertise, level, and interest in the game. 
With non-prime accounts, there are certain things that players miss out on. This includes the opportunity to avoid hackers and surfers, interact with more genuine players, and encounter less number of de-rankers. However, it is the best type of account to buy if you don't wish to spend a lot of money and are only getting yourself acquainted with the game. 
Non-Prime and Prime players can play together only if they are paired together from a pre-made lobby. If a Non-Prime and Prime user are matched together, the lobby is recognized as non-prime, and the match is against non-prime members. A non-prime user cannot play with and against a prime member.
So, if you're only looking to enhance your skills at the game without investing a lot of money, a non-prime account is the best for you. 

What services do we offer?

We offer customers a wide range of CSGO accounts. These include many types of accounts that suit the different needs of gamers. Our accounts are available at affordable prices. And we guarantee immediate delivery which means that players can start playing right after they purchase an account. 
Every account listed on our website is ranked and regulated by our team of experts who strive to make your gaming experience advanced and unmatched. We are legit and reliable, and our CSGO smurf accounts are reputable. Our CSGO accounts are authorized and authentic, and there's no reason why you need to worry about the quality. We take our job seriously and ensure that every account is accurate, safe, easy-to-use, and only delivers results that make your gaming experience better.
For every type of account - prime and non-prime, we provide a variety of options, making it easier for the user to find something that suits their requirement. And for all this, there is no need for you to break your bank. You can easily buy cheap CSGO accounts from us.

Why buy from us?

Security: All accounts offered on our platform are verified to assure that no hacks or third-party software are used for account boosting.
Instant delivery: We send your account details to your email as soon as your purchase is completed. 
100% Feedback: We are happy to share that our customers vouch for the awesome experience they have with our accounts. We take pride in ourselves in the success we have achieved with loyal customers. 
24 x 7 Support: Our technical team and support staff are available round the clock to help resolve any queries that you may have. Feel free to reach out with your questions and issues.
Affordable pricing: All our accounts are priced cost-effectively. We do not overcharge and ensure that you don't have to break the bank to improve your gaming experience. 
Every CSGO account purchased from our portal comes in combination with a Steam username, a Steam password, an email, and the email's password if required. It is not easy for new gamers to buy CSGO accounts as choosing from the wide range available can be confusing. When you scroll through the options on our portal, you will see account options like Master Guardian account, Legendary Eagle Account, Gold Nova Account, and more. 
For every CSGO account, there are more than one to five levels, and each level has its features and areas of expertise. Our website also features Global Elite Accounts for you to choose from. 
We know that players can't wait to start playing with their new accounts. Therefore, we ensure that we offer instant delivery so that you can resume playing as soon as possible. We are just like another teammate helping you conquer the enemy because we are always there for you.
We ensure that our accounts do not have any competitive cool-downs or bans. The VAC status for every account is clean. A quality gaming experience is what we offer and focus on for each of our users and gamers.
So, purchase a CSGO account right away and enjoy the most addictive FPS game. Remember, after you purchase the account and activate it, it is only your skills that can take you ahead. Coordination and collaboration are synonymous with CSGO. Go ahead and identify your teammates, partner with them, and see how you can lead to victory together.
If at any point in time you get stuck with the purchase or activation of the account, use our 24 x 7 live chat. You can also send in your queries via email, and we will respond at the earliest.