High Tier Accounts

CSGO High Tier Vip Accounts

The CSGO High Mid Tier Accounts on sale at My Gaming Accounts are some of the best accounts that CSGO players can purchase from us. Our mission is to make sure that a gamer has the best experience of playing CSGO with accounts purchased from us and therefore, our ranked accounts are the best in the business. So let us tell you why the high mid-tier accounts are different than the rest of the smurf CSGO accounts on our website.

We have all categories of CSGO accounts listed on the website under the high mid-tier accounts. But these accounts have a specific number of wins and hours played. You can browse from a variety of accounts with different levels of expertise. The information is clearly stated when you read about each account, so you know what you are getting. The accounts have hours played ranging from 500 to 200 hours played. The number of wins on each account range from 30 to 330 wins. Some counts also have the ten-year veteran coin and a combination of other coins and rewards. CSGO is known for giving out awards based on performance, which is called medals.

So the more the number of medals, the more experienced account you are purchasing and the better gaming experience you will get. One of our highest selling accounts is the Silver III Prime account that comes with a ton of features. This account is perfect for seasoned gamers who have extreme knowledge of the game because when purchasing an account with a lot of features, you must be able to utilize it to the best of your abilities.

This particular account has a loyalty badge, a gold operation vanguard coin, a diamond operation hydra coin, a 5-year veteran coin, and an operation breakout challenge coin as well. This speaks to the experience that the account has and gives you an idea of what you should expect when purchasing such an experienced account. Although expensive, this account will definitely help you hone all the complicated strategies that you have in mind to win a CSGO game.

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and make the best purchase of your life when you choose one of our high mid-tier accounts from My Gaming Accounts.