High Tier Accounts

CSGO High Tier Vip Accounts

CSGO High-tier accounts are some of the premium and most rewarding accounts for players. We believe in giving our gamers the best playing experience and therefore, each of our accounts is the best in the market. From a wide range of accounts that we have, High-tier accounts are the best. Let us tell you why.

High-tier accounts have a certain number of hours played and wins. You can scroll through the different accounts indicating varying levels of experience. When you look at a particular account offering, you can clearly see the details to understand what you will get after the purchase. The number of hours played range from 500 to 2000 hours. And when it comes to the number of wins, the range is from 30 to 330 wins. With some accounts, you also get the 10-year veteran coin along with some other rewards.

That's not all. CSGO offers its players some awards that are known as medals. More medals mean a more experienced account and thereby, an unparalleled gaming experience. The Silver III Prime is a popularly purchased account that offers several features. It is the preferred account for professional gamers who regularly play the game and understand its intricacies. An account with plenty of features should be purchased by someone who can make the most of it and understand the tactics to win.

A particular high-tier account could have a 5-year veteran coin, a gold or diamond operation vanguard coin, an operation breakout challenge coin, and also a loyalty badge. If you are a CSGO player for years, you would understand the level of expertise that such an account brings. You would also understand what you can do with such an experienced account and what kind of expectations you should have. While this account is expensive, it will definitely let you sharpen all the complex strategies to defeat other teams in a game.

Some accounts allow you to add friends as teammates making the game more advanced and entertaining. Some others come with a trophy and access to higher ranks in more games like GTA 5 and PUBG. You can choose a high-tier account from our website based on your requirements.

Why Us?

Buying CSGO accounts can be confusing, especially for new gamers. There is a wide range for you to choose from. However, we help you choose the right account according to your level of expertise and knowledge in the game.

We offer instant delivery for the account you purchase. Check your email, and you will immediately receive the username and password details. You can start playing the game with a better gaming experience right after the purchase. Our secure and safe payment gateway ensures that your confidential information remains safe with us. We ensure that there is no wait time and you can instantly start playing when you shop with us. 

So, what is it that you are waiting for? Purchase the
best high-tier CSGO account from our website and improve your gaming experience to the next level.