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CS:GO SMFC Prime Ranked Smurf Account

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Buy CSGO Supreme Master First Class Prime accounts at the lowest price only at MGA. Master Guardian is an exultant outburst rank. Players who are more proficient than Legendary Eagles. Let’s consider this a healthy competition.

You can find your account details on the My-Orders page and your account details will be delivered instantly to your Email.

Details you get after your Purchase:-

( Note:- The following details are emailed instantly via our INSTANT AUTOMATED DELIVERY SYSTEM )

Steam Username
Steam Password
Email Password
Faceit Login Details ( If the account is already linked to Faceit )

Detailed Product Description:-

Competitive Matchmaking Rank – Supreme Master First Class
CSGO Competitive Wins – 21+
CSGO Played Hours –   Between 4 to 50
Prime Status – Enabled
Steam Level –  1-9
Service Medals – None
Instant Delivery – Enabled
Extra Features/Games/Coins/Inventory

I guess everything that the product has is described properly in the account description, but in any case, if you need more information on any of our products you can always contact us 24×7 on our live chat support. If you find that the Gold Nova League is too easy for you then no need to get disappointed, just visit the Master Guardian Accounts section to explore a higher skill level than that of a Gold Nova.


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