CSGO Bundles

For avid gamers, My Gaming Accounts offers lucrative Prime Bundles, combining multiple CSGO gaming accounts. We create the perfect account bundles that enable you to purchase them all at the same time, so you can activate them together and keep playing CSGO, no matter what. Each of these bundles includes different numbers and types of accounts.

This is because we understand that each gamer is looking for something different when purchasing such gaming accounts. Some gamers might want only elite accounts, some might want fresh prime accounts, combined with a master guardian and yet some might want a ten-year veteran coin account, with a fresh prime account, legendary eagle and a gold nova account.

Our different bundle offerings keep in mind each and every player in the CSGO game. The prime bundles also offer another advantage: savings that go straight into your pocket! One of the reasons our clients vouch for us is because we offer them the maximum amount of savings. Gamers want to spend on purchasing smurf accounts but they don’t want to overspend and we make sure that they get what the accounts they want but well within their budget.

Our maximum savings, safe and secure checkout and live support have garnered us a loyal fan base that loves purchasing CSGO smurf accounts only from us. Remember, the prime bundles include only prime accounts, which are linked to phone numbers and will match you only with other prime account players. The accounts do not have bans or cooldowns, so it is almost like starting the game anew.

Just like prime bundles, we offer another option for gamers, which are the non- prime bundles. The non-prime bundles include a variety of non-prime accounts, which are just regular accounts. The bundles include gold nova accounts, legendary eagle accounts, master guardian accounts, and even ten-year veteran coin accounts. The non-prime bundles are perfect for gamers who have multiple strategies and want to practice all those strategies in the game. CSGO is a team game where a good strategy is a must if you want your team to win. These strategies take quite some time to formulate so rather than trying them out on your main account, why not opt for a smurf account that can help you hoe your skills. So when you go back to your main account, you are ready to lead your team to victory. The non-prime bundles are also easy on the pocket, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to buy gaming accounts.

They are decently priced and won’t make a dent in your savings. We understand that gaming is a serious business, and we make sure we provide you with the best gaming accounts so when you enter the fore in a CSGO game, you are well prepared and well equipped. When your clients win CSGO games, it is our victory as well and we are committed to providing non-prime CSGO bundles that fulfill your requirements. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the purchasing process or about the bundles we have on offer. Why play with just one smurf account when you can play with multiple accounts? Our CSGO bundles include a variety of accounts that will help you play the best game of your life. We offer both prime bundles and non-prime bundles, and each bundle includes different accounts. So why do you need a bundle when you can pick and choose individual accounts? Bundles are more cost-effective than individual accounts. Our team that curates smurf CSGO accounts has created specific bundles that will appeal to players of each type, whether they are a novice or an expert.

Our carefully chosen accounts create a bundle that will delight the gamer in you. So why go around looking for accounts that you want when you can find it all in one single place? My Gaming Accounts make it easy to play CSGO and hence, we came up with our very own CSGO Bundles. Browse through our selection and you will be tempted to purchase every bundle since it will not burn a hole in your pocket. CSGO is quite an intensive game, so why not bring your best strategies to your main account by practicing them on smurf accounts?

Still, have questions? Get in touch with us today via email or over live chat.