CSGO Bundles

Avid gamers can purchase bundles that combine several CSGO gaming accounts. Our account bundles are just perfect and enable you to purchase different accounts - all at the same time. Once you purchase the bundle, you can activate the multiple accounts together and continue playing CSGO. Every bundle is carefully prepared and includes a different number and types of accounts.


We understand the mindset of different gamers. Moreover, we know what they are looking for in gaming accounts. A few gamers are on the lookout for only elite accounts while the others need fresh prime accounts in combination with a master guardian. On the other hand, some players need a 10-year veteran coin account along with a fresh prime account, a gold nova account, and a legendary eagle account.


Our bundle deals keep different players and their requirements in mind. The prime bundle has another important advantage that players love and that is- savings. When you purchase bundles, you pay less and get more. One of the reasons we are a popular gaming account portal is because we provide the maximum amount of savings to our customers.


Gamers are willing to spend and buy smurf accounts. However, they do not wish to overspend. They want value for money, and we ensure that they get the accounts they want within their budget.


Our ability to offer maximum savings, a secure payment gateway and a safe checkout process have helped us establish a loyal customer base. We have fans who only wish to purchase CSGO smurf accounts from us. Here, it is important to note that the prime bundles contain prime accounts that need to be linked to phone numbers and will match you only with other players who have prime accounts.


Similar to prime bundles, we also have the non-prime bundle option for gamers. As the name suggests, non-prime bundles include non-prime accounts, which are the usual accounts. The bundles comprise master guardian accounts, 10-year veteran coin accounts, gold nova accounts, and legendary eagle accounts. Non-prime bundles are best-suited for gamers who have several complicated strategies and want to practice them in the game.


CSGO is a team game that requires strategy. If the team wants to win, they need to develop the right tactics and strategies. These strategies take time to formulate, so it is a good idea to try them on a non-prime account instead of your main account. A smurf account can help you sharpen your skills and hone your strategies. So, when you return to your main account, you are all set to drive your team to victory. The price of non-prime bundles is also nominal, and you don't need to burden your pocket to purchase these CSGO accounts.


All our accounts are authentic. They have no temporary bans or cool-downs. Besides, the VAC status is clean. We do not use any hacking or third-party software to operate these accounts. We promise to deliver a quality gaming experience, and that's what our customers testify after they purchase an account from us.