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So onto the next question: Why should you purchase CSGO accounts from My Gaming Accounts? Well,
we have quite a few reasons for that:


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Buy CSGO Smurfs | Affordable CS GO Accounts for Sale

We are one of the best and oldest site in this industry to buy fresh cheap csgo accounts in the market. We always try to provide affordable ranked accounts, Primes, Non-primes, PUBG, GTA 5 accounts, 10 Year veteran Coin Accounts and High Tier accounts to our deserving customers. You don’t have to worry about anything just make a choice and complete the payment. Rest we’ll handle.

Things You Should Know (FAQs)

How Do I Buy An Account?

Its very simple, first make a mind for which category of csgo accounts are you looking for ( non prime, prime or high tier ).
Then got to the particular page and choose the account you are looking for.
Add that account to your cart and go to the checkout page to proceed with payment.

What game account information do I receive?

Instantly after purchasing an account from us you will receive the following details.

  1. Steam Account Username
  2. Steam Account Password
  3. Email linked to the steam account
  4. Email password
  5. Path to the email provider.
What Steps Can I Take To Secure The Account(s)?

Only you are responsible to secure your account from letting someone hack into it. Following are the steps that you must take to make sure your account is safe.

  1. Change the account password and email linked to the account immediately after purchasing the account.
  2. Add mobile number to your account and enable the steam mobile authenticator.
  3. Never share your steam account details with anyone.
  4. Avoid login in with your steam account on fishy websites and your account can easily be hacked by a scammer.
How Do I Change My Smurf Account's Contact Email Address On Steam?

It is very important to change the steam account email address and steam account’s password after you purchase an account. Below are the step by step illustrations how you can do it.

  1. Login into your steam account and email address.
  2. Go to account details section on your steam.
  3. Click on change email address.
  4. You will receive a One time code on your email, locate that and fill into the box you get on steam.
  5. Click on next and add the second email you want to be shifted on.
  6. Open the second email and you will receive One time code there as well, locate it and sill into the box you get on steam.
  7. By clicking on next your email address will be changed.
Where Can I Buy A Cheapest CS GO Account?

There are plenty of websites out there who are selling csgo accounts, some of are legit and some of are fake.

Buying a cheapest account from a legit website should be your target.

You don’t have to look around for that either as here is the legit website from which you can buy cheapest csgo accounts – https://mygamingaccounts.com/

How do you increase your trust factor in CS GO?

There is no such thing that can measure your trust factor. Every account’s trust factor will be lower as well as higher from another accounts.

We believe trust factor can be increased by playing more and more without cheats and have more commends.

The higher number of reports on an account leads to decrease in trust factor as well.

How Do I Change My CSGO Account's Password?

It is very important to change the steam account email address and steam account’s password after you purchase an account. Below are the step by step illustrations how you can do it.

  1. Login into your steam account and email address.
  2. Go to account details section on your steam.
  3. Click on change account password.
  4. Choose to send one time code to your email.
  5. Locate the one time code on the email registered to the steam account and fill in the box you see in steam.
  6. Now after clicking next just put the new password twice to change the password of your steam account.
How Do I Enable Steam Guard On My Smurf Account?

Enabling the steam Guard on your smurf account is the most important thing to do if you don’t want it to be scammed by anyone after buying an csgo account. Below are the steps on how you can enable it.

  1. Login into your steam account and email address.
  2. Go to account details section on your steam.
  3. Click on manage steam guard.
  4. You will see two options to enable the steam guard, if you choose the email guard then you will receive a confirmation email and in order to enable the mobile steam authenticator then you will have to install steam application to your phone and then you can enable it from your phone itself.
    Don’t forget to save the steam recovery code after you enable the steam mobile authenticator.
I'm Unable To Add Friends To My Steam Account

If you are unable to add friends to your steam account it is because you have not added any amount on your steam wallet or the amount you added is below 5 USD.
To make your account unrestricted just add 5 USD to your steam wallet. To enable the steam market don’t forget to make a purchase.

Where can I buy a CS GO Prime account?

There a countless number of ways to buy a csgo prime account. You can buy them from a website, discord, and even from friends.

What we suggest that you choose to buy it from a website who is well know in legit business and provide the cheapest possible price.

Lucky for you we have the link to the page where you can buy CSGO prime account and here it is https://mygamingaccounts.com/csgo-prime-accounts/ .

Is CSGO prime worth it?

Well it all depends on your playing style, if you are playing csgo just to spin or open rage then I suggest you buy ranked non prime bundle.

If you want to have a superior and enjoyable gameplay with legit hacking then buy the basic prime one.

If you do not cheat at all in csgo and want to have a premium experience the we suggest buy a High Tier account with lots of hours and medals.

How much does it to deliver my purchased smurf accounts?

We are well known for our service and customer handling experience along with the quality of products that we deliver.

When it come to the account delivery, we have an automated delivery system that delivers the account on your email as soon as you complete the payment so that you don’t have to wait at all

The fun part is we don’t charge anything extra for instant delivery.

About My Gaming Accounts 

Welcome to MGA the world of Csgo, where you will have gaming escapades of your life. MGA offers you luxe en prime accounts because we believe in the trance of gaming experience and nirvana that can be reached by CSGO, MGA helps you to achieve that. Our team is motivated and dedicated to providing you a seamless experience when it comes to CSGO.

We are the best in ​CSGO Prime Accounts ​with the largest collection with variant options to choose from. With 24×7 chat support for all rank related queries, our support team provides the best experience for customer’s brilliant experience. We have everything right from ​Silver,​ Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagles, SMFC and Global Elites ​in ​MyGamingAccounts​. Shop with confidence and see the difference.

Now you can come to MGA and buy csgo accounts, Get access to premier Csgo Smurf Accounts instantly after your purchase. The accounts and their credentials will be given immediately to the email address of the requester. This information is also shown on our website once you complete the purchase.

Here at MGA, we assure our customers to buy csgo accounts in the safest and most affordable way possible. Moreover, if you are a MGA customer​, then you’ve come to the right place. Our straightforward process is simple for the buyer. In addition, we provide complete payment security to all parties. If you think that our guarantees are too good to be true, feel free to check out our on-site reputation, ask any of our members, or contact our live customer support.

MGA helps CSGO fanatics and enthusiasts to be discreet and anonymous while creating a smurf account and our security, firewalls help MGA to secure our customers’ identity. The loyalty of our customers helps MGA to improve and scrutinize our security which in turn makes it possible for MGA not have any glitches and protect our customer’s information.

MGA ranked Counter Strike Global Offensive accounts are subjected to a restriction against changes in username. Customers are liable for purchasing any account by MGA, as Steam terms of services do not allow buying and selling of ranked accounts.

MGA does not share data of our customers with any of the third-party sites or vendors. Data such as customer’s contact information is only used by MGA to contact our customers when an issue or a ticket has been raised with our Customer Service team. 

MGA retention policy on our customer’s data is only done for comments left on the MGA websites which are retained as metadata which helps MGA to recognize and approve any follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in a queue. For our registered customer’s MGA also stores the personal information to provide to create user profiles which help our customers to easily buy smurf and CSGO other accounts.

Our customers have the permissions to leave comments and request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about MGA registered customers included any data that is provided to the MGA website. Our customers can also request to delete any data which is provided to MGA. This does exclude any information we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes.

What are Non Prime Accounts 

CSGO Smurf Account canonize your all-around experience of CSGO by conferring great quality CSGO non-prime account in your budget. MGA not only offers account in your budget but also a great range to choose from. When buying yourself a CSGO account, you should always look for the what kind of accounts you need that not only involve your area of expertise but also your level in the game. While going through the CSGO nonprime accounts page on My Gaming Accounts, you will go through a variety of options. That’s confusing right?? Don’t worry we are here to help!

We offer Silver 1 and Global Elite and many more accounts.

1. Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master account: Best account to practice on. These Players use Negev and SMGs because these guns are easy to handle and also make the players easy to practice on.

2. Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master account: Exultant outburst rank. Players who are more proficient than Silver Elite. Friends are also betrayed here. Let’s consider this as a healthy competition.

3. Global Elite Accounts: Accounts for professional players, skilled CSGO players, learn how to use a flashbang. Dream of every CSGO players to become Global Elite.

Each of these accounts is to validate and come without any embargo or cooldowns. Since MGA offer quick delivery, you can start playing right after you make the purchase. Even with non-prime accounts, you get a wide variety to choose from, and we pride ourselves in providing each and every gaming account rank.

Prepared gamers who have bought accounts from us vouch for the credibility and security of the gaming accounts they get. We pride ourselves on being the top gaming account suppliers in the business, and our involvement in giving top-notch CSGO gaming records is a demonstration of our work. We make it unbelievably simple for you to make the buy and we use SSL security to keep
your data sheltered and secure. Presently when you realize that you have to purchase valid CSGO gaming accounts, make My Gaming Accounts the main decision.

What are Prime Accounts 

For experienced players, Prime Accounts are no more peculiar. Be that as it may, for new gamers, Prime Accounts are a tad of a riddle. The primary inquiry is, how are these accounts not quite the same as other CSGO accounts?

Prime Accounts are an incredible way for players to progress in the game. In the event that you as of now have one prime record related with your number, My Gaming Accounts offers a brilliant option with their Prime Accounts in different various positions, so you can pick what you need. At My Gaming Accounts, you will discover Fresh, Private Rank 2, Silvers, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Supreme Master First Class, and Global Elite Accounts.

Prime Accounts empower you to play the best CSGO round of your life. You are outfitted with every one of the instruments you have to play and win a fabulous round of CSGO. CSGO isn’t for those of the cowardly, on the grounds that it is a quick-paced game loaded up with heaps of activity and experience. You likewise need to strategize well in the event that you need to win and enable your team to win also. The CSGO accounts you buy from us are secure and accompanied
no transitory bans or cooldowns. So, it is practically similar to beginning another game when you play with the records acquired from My Gaming Accounts.

On the off chance that you are stressed over security, we have you secured. Stressed over installment? Our safe installment entryway will ensure your data doesn’t go into the correct hands.

Enactment is practically moment and you should simply hang tight for an email from us once you have made the buy and paid for your record. Don't hesitate to contact us back for any sort of overlooked certifications and bolster we are 24X7 accessible and effectively reachable at our helpline gets in touch with, you can mail us at our elite email locations or visit mygamingaccounts.com for any sort of issue.